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'Cott Willow'.

double-sided aluminium composite and steel mesh

screen originally for 'Sculpture By The Sea' Cottesloe Western Australia.

Based on the Willow china imagery,

'Cott Willow' has 3 wise fisherpeople,

a dog, the rock groyne, boats and Cottesloe features. A girl looks out for her hidden surfer boyfriend. The shark-watching plane noisily and ironically pulls a banner slogan 'Peace & Quiet'.

In becalmed times the beach is

a place of happiness. 


Oceanside kiosks


'Urban On Cambridge apartments

Perth, Western Australia.

6 foyer artworks

for QUBE Property Group

These images have been created from photographs of City Beach in Perth and Hong Kong.

The brief : create an edgy urban gritty feel, such as seen in the exaggerated textures and colours.

In consideration of wear & tear, graffiti and so on, the works were outputted on aluminium composite sheet, float mounted and secured with hidden fixings.

Jill Yates photography, design, production and installation.


Heading 2

'See Glo' by Jill Yates


for fabrics and surfaces

These designs were produced to show at SURTEX surface design trade fair New York in 2018.  Here are some of the 40 designs generated.

(Note : these are no longer under control of 'Artshine')

Sonic Fences.jpg
Sonic Chevron.JPG

Hinting of 'Willow' blue,

this dense and decorative

surface design ...

called Sue's Bush Garden

celebrates country gardens

lo res Fence Block Check.jpg
grande Moonlit Trees.JPG
lo res Garden Seat Toile.jpg


As a long time collecter of reusable cardboard and other discarded materials, I have an endearing passion for 'Something From Nothing'

Below, seen on the left in the image,  is a 'chandelier' made from packaging waste and chocolate bar wrappers.

It was made in Perth, deconstructed

for suitcase plane travel, and re-made in Broome

for a one-night-only

decoration for



'Nude' in spaghetti, chocolate and toothpaste boxes


'Precious Little'

cardboard jewelry made for 

'Sculpture Inside' as an in-theme miniature/mockup of 'Precious'

for Sculpture By The Sea, 

Cottesloe beach,

Western Australia

precious on the beach 2009120redo.jpg

'Precious' ...giant squashed recyc. cardboard sculpture of a CHARM BRACELET found/buried in the sand.

SPECIAL NOTE: This work was shown here for 24 hours only. Constructed to last for a few months, it was deemed environmentally unsound - though it was not. 

'Precious' was made before the 'Ephemera' category

was added years later to 'Sculpture By The Sea'

It lasted through Winter storms in the front yard.


Australia Day concert set
Australia Day concert set 122redo.jpg

'Australia Day' concert - design  conception, production, installation and management.

Perth Entertainment Centre

acknowledging Aboriginal/First Nations' and multicultural peoples  

JM YATES Folio Fabrics in Exhibition.jpg
fab o life col.jpeg

'Fabric of Life' in 'A New Generation'

250 metres of printed fabric installed (including the floor)

in the National Gallery of Australia (then known as the ANG)

JM YATES Folio Prints on Products.jpg

T-SHIRT image for WEST Surfwear

WEST surf gal b&w  nov
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