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From the

'Ponds and Places' series

Large photographic wallworks

digi outputted

on 'French Canvas'.

Very limited edition.

Approx. 1450mm x 1450mm

'As if we were never there'

view of the John Oldham park, Narrows Bridge, Perth city

DEEp green pond jpeg.jpg

'Strong Green Pond'

'Mosman Park Pond'

'Stardust', 'Red Landscape' and 'Beach Daisies' commissioned by

Repeat patterns for specialist fashion label 

'Red Landscape'

 depicts a hand drawn abstract version

of the country of north-western Australia, featuring red coloured dirt and

blue-green ocean and water holes. 


The images used to create


combine hand drawn

and photographic elements

'Beach Daisies' using digi manipulated photos, creates pretty diagnals in small and large scale 

From a painting to cupboard doors, for TV Channel 9 Perth 'Matt & Kim To The Rescue'

WIN_20160311_14_01_30_Pro (4) (2).jpg
joy joy 4 (2).JPG
pete n simone's wardrobe.jpg

Surface design

outputted on ply of 'Joy Joy'


Glass Splashbacks

Photographs collaged and super enhanced for 'City Beach Scenes'

indoor and outdoor glass splashbacks

for an architect's own house, North Perth.

The exterior 'joins' the interior

for a continuous pictorial flow

of approximately 9 metres.

baker splashy 1.jpg

'Sally's Broome Garden' kitchen splashback

JY catalogue page
Copy of vogue%2030%20yrs%20dressing%20ta


Jill Yates as Yates Global' and 'YG' has produced and connected with the fashion industry for many years, employing her designed and printed fabrics on cotton, linen, 100% wool and 100% silk.

This image shows 'The Dressing Table'

5-colour print on 100% silk satin.

It was included in '30 Years of Australian Fashion' by Vogue magazine Australia.

It was shown at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London; and also in Sydney,

Tokyo and Seoul

Dark gold colourway in the collection of the

Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Sydney


Swatchbook in the collection

of the Museum

of Applied Arts & Sciences,


Brian Ritchie of the band 'Violent Femmes' performing in a Yates Hula-Gladiator skirt.

Print : 'City Tweeds' (Sydney buildings)


Info sheet describing the Yates designed 'Hula-Gladiator' reversible skirt.

Originally conceived to re-use fabric scraps and hunks.

Print :  'Love Froral Camouflage'


Textile designs for Aurelio Costarella Fashion


Yates Global, 

YG on parade

finalist ...

Western Australian Fashion Awards and 

Mercedes Australian Fashion Awards


As shirt label


with Hugh Ramage,

produced tons of shirts

with a distinctive zip pocket,

in hand-printed textiles. 

Swatchbooks and lengths of these fabrics

are in the collections of ...

The Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Sydney,

the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra

and the 'Guy Grey-Smith Memorial Collection

in the Art Gallery of Western Australia cartoons for long frocks...

Jill Yates 'Miss Kitty' dress

'Miss Kitty' dress

in wool jersey, silk georgette, organically dyed sculptural silk satin and trims. 


From the series...

'Beautiful Girls on the Phone

Oblivious to Their Surroundings'

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