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Jill Yates 

Modern Mona Lisa

Jill Yates is a designer and applied artist in Australia.

Born in the gold-mining town of Kalgoorlie, her childhood home

has become the 'Super Pit' mining gold (and one of the biggest

in the Southern Hemisphere).

Perhaps this explains a love of industrial sites and trucks!

It does inform a viewpoint in support of the intrinsic value of industry and its processes, and investigating ways of applying art to surfaces.

Meanwhile there's always a lot of variation in a designer's history...

* once was in rock and roll, singing, writing and performing in the all original Teeny Weenys followed by a spell in the world acclaimed Triffids

* spent a significant period teaching (writing, inventing, supervising) at Curtin University always in the fields of Design and Applied Art

* enjoyed evolving artist-run galleries in Sydney (Shepherd & Newman Building and COG)

* have exhibited extensively with significant highlights : The National Gallery of Australia, the Sydney Powerhouse Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London

* what? I haven't mentioned hand screen printed fabric? Well there's been tons, and examples are in National and State Gallery collections. There's been much successful experimentation printing on wool, silk georgette and gauzes.

Frequently the cry would ring out "uh, you can't do that?". But really it was just a matter of thinking the processes through.




Jill Yates BA(des), PGradDip(des), MA(Curtin)

Theoretically speaking, DESIGN the field and vocation is frequently relegated to categories of 'landscape', 'fashion', 'graphic', 'product' and the like.

What is overlooked is the...

gist of DESIGN...the motivations, applicability, sense of social/society, sensations and atmosphere, affection activation, classic longevity instyle, invention, rhetoric overplays and elevating the magic.


It's a wholeness thing that can invigorate, enliven and it presents a realm to collectively share positive pride ....such as in a sign, identity, place, ideology and for system organisation.

Design can save the world.


Applications :

Domestic and commercial

interior design, exhibition design,

image reproductions in metals,

paper and card,

fabric applications,

draping and soft furnishings,

clothing, fashion

and accessories



for reusable cardboard for sculpture and objects like cardboard jewelry.





  • Applied arts and Design for daily consumption

  • Art Domesti-city as a way

  • of bringing

  • things artistic to all

  • Beyond the pale, as you wish

  • For the love of

  • image and pattern

  • in a world of things and stuff

  • In praise of original inclination and volition in creativity

  • For patternation's sake : 

  • the quest is for

  • repeat representation as visual poetry


An explanation of the philosophies behind the drive and pomp of Jill Yates' artistic production

CV available on request

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