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coral in soap & toothpaste boxes.JPG

From the 'oove' collection 2022

'oove' stands for 'objects of volition eco-ethically'.


This represents the recent works of the re-use and re-purposing of clean cardboard packaging, which was destined for ending its life as waste. 

Laugh along with JY as you get to inspect her consumerist ways...such is the irony in this re-use. 

Wonder at the random collage effects in cut-up slogans and logos.

Consider for how long is a piece of 'art'? Perhaps not to linger long in a fast-paced, mega-multi image world.

Imagine society with deeper connections to the sphere of too much and the consequent ramifications of the loss of well, everything!

SHOWN : 'coral' in soap, toothpaste and biscuit boxes

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